Notes & Stories: Short Attention Span

Here’s my goal for this newsletter: Mention coronavirus as little as possible. I’m sure you’re all reading the news, maybe (but probably not) as often as I am, and we all know what’s going on. I’ll try to keep this issue light, distracting, and personal—so I can trick my brain into moving away from its usual heavy, obsessive (I check a lot of maps), and … Continue reading Notes & Stories: Short Attention Span

Notes & Stories: Enough with the Recaps!

Have you heard? It’s not just a new year, but a new decade. Yes, of course you’ve heard. I’m sure you, like me, have not been able to escape all the best-of lists and ten-year challenges and decade recaps. Maybe you, unlike me, even enjoy reading or creating those kinds of lists. Personally, I’m over it. I just turned fifty, “just” as in yesterday. I’ve … Continue reading Notes & Stories: Enough with the Recaps!

Notes & Stories: How Did I Get to Be This Old?

There’s an ad on the back of the United grocery bags right now, with the face of a frowning, confused, wrinkled woman wondering “How did I get to be this old?” Well, I don’t know, lady, but I’ve been wondering the same thing. There were a couple of significant anniversaries this week—it was thirty years ago that the Berlin Wall came down, fifty years ago … Continue reading Notes & Stories: How Did I Get to Be This Old?

Notes & Stories: Pockets of Joy

I’ve been thinking about happiness this week, about how it’s not something I have to achieve or something to strive for, but something I can (and should) find right now. Happiness doesn’t need to be a constant state of being, but can be found in little “pockets of joy,” as Jonathan Van Ness says. Too often, I catch myself thinking “life will be better when … Continue reading Notes & Stories: Pockets of Joy

Notes & Stories: Blackout

My favorite thing about blackouts is the total silence. (Why doesn’t anyone say “blackout” anymore? It’s so much more evocative than “power outage.”) There’s no refrigerator hum, no clicking whir from the wifi router, no stove fan, no buzz from dimmable bulbs. Also no meows coming from Minecraft kittens or dance music from a Bluetooth speaker. It’s so peaceful—and so rare. There’s nothing like a … Continue reading Notes & Stories: Blackout