Tuesday Dinner: Golden Vegetable Chowder

Golden Vegetable Chowder with Pepper Relish • Red Butter Lettuce with Tomatoes & Point Reyes Blue Cheese • Levain Rolls • Chocolate-Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

I’m so angry. It feels so wrong to come up with chatty, pleasant, distracting words to say about dinner when I’m filled with so much rage at the racism of our country. Rage doesn’t do much good until it translates to action, and for me right now action means donating money. Of course I’ve done one-time gifts to bail funds and individuals, but I’ve also set up ongoing monthly donations. Here’s my current list organizations that I’m sending money to:

The Loveland Foundation provides therapy support for Black women and girls. 

The Canal Alliance serves Latinx immigrants in Marin County.

TGI Justice Project is a Bay Area Black-trans-lead organization of transgender women of color in and out of prison.

The Conscious Kid promotes “access to children’s books centering underrepresented and oppressed groups.” 

It doesn’t feel like enough, but it also feels better than doing nothing. And now, back to dinner…

I really really like our soup today. I started out making corn chowder, but then it morphed into a summer vegetable chowder, with yellow pattypan squash, Nantes carrots, bell peppers, and tomato. (The tomatoes and peppers gave the soup a lovely golden hue.) The soup is sweet and rich—that’s cashew cream, not dairy—and is satisfying and healthy at the same time. There are more peppers, lightly pickled, in the relish that goes on top. 

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese makes delicious cheese, right here in West Marin. I was gifted a wheel of their blue cheese—six and a half pounds!—so we’ve got some in the salad today. Instead of making a blue cheese dressing, I put crumbles of the cheese in the salad containers, so those of you that don’t like it can hand it over to the folks in your family that do. 

For dessert, chocolate wafer cookies are sandwiched with peanut butter. Did you know they make peanut butter Oreos now? These are like that, but better. 

I hope this dinner makes you feel loved. I hope it gives you strength to work to make this country a better place for everyone who lives here. 

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