Tuesday Dinner: Black Bean Tortilla

Black Bean Tortilla Soup • Green Leaf Lettuce with Radishes, Red Cabbage, and Creamy Green Dressing • Levain Rolls • Tropical Dos Leches Cake

What a better week I’ve had! If anyone needs a shot of positive energy and optimism, this is the time to talk to me. I’m not in fear of immediate infection and death, I’m feeling super happy with our California government (and the Bay Area in particular—go us!), I got my stimulus check so bills are getting paid, and my dad mowed my lawn, so I’m starting to think about gardening. (I haven’t touched the lawn since October, so the grass was knee-high.)

It’s not all Pollyanna over here, of course; I’ve got a brain in my head and I see what’s happening in New York, New Jersey, Detroit. I see how the pandemic and economic collapse are killing black and brown communities. Even though our state’s doing okay, I know our country isn’t. But still, it’s spring, we’re healthy, and we’ve got enough to eat. 

For dinner tonight, we’ve got Black Bean Tortilla soup. It’s a black bean soup, but also a vegetable soup, with carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, bell peppers, and corn, seasoned with cumin, oregano, and a finishing hit of lime juice. The “tortilla” in the name comes from the pile of crispy tortilla strips that go on top of the soup. Some of the tortillas stay crispy-crunchy, and others soak up the broth, melding into the soup.

I got the most gigantic green onions at the market on Sunday. I can’t find my measuring tape right now, or I’d tell you exactly how long they are; I’d guessimate they’re about 18 inches from root to tip—humongous! I sliced about ⅔ of each one to add to the salad, and the other ⅓ went into the blender to flavor the dressing. Garlic, cilantro, and a dollop of mayonnaise went into the blender, too; I love using the Vitamix to make salad dressing. The creamy green dressing goes on top of a colorful mixture of lettuce, red cabbage, and radishes. 

Dessert is a new cake I just made up, called Tropical Dos Leches cake. It’s got a sponge cake base, just like Tres Leches, which is soaked with a mixture of coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk (the “two milks”). Instead of whipped cream, the cake is topped with diced kiwis—and that’s how you know that Tim is back at the market. He and Brian were there on Sunday, with a table full of kiwis and oranges. It was nice to see them again.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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