Tuesday Dinner: Vietnamese Chicken Noodle (Pho Ga)

Schitt’s Creek didn’t win a single Emmy last night. If they had to lose, at least they lost to Fleabag, which even Dan Levy himself loves…but not giving an Emmy to Catherine O’Hara? Really? What is wrong with those people? (On the other hand, Billy Porter’s win soothed some of the hurt of Schitt’s Creek’s loss.) I’m embarrassed to admit that I was so disappointed … Continue reading Tuesday Dinner: Vietnamese Chicken Noodle (Pho Ga)

Tuesday Dinner: Double Corn Chowder

Tim had something new at his market booth this Sunday, white “tamale corn.” They only have enough for three pickings a year, and it can only be used fresh within the first couple of days; after that the kernels get hard and dry and can be used as “parched corn” or ground into masa. More online research taught me that it’s a starchy field corn … Continue reading Tuesday Dinner: Double Corn Chowder

Tuesday Dinner: Soupe au Pistou

I’m starting to feel that urgency to get ready for winter. Most years, that means that I feel like making some peach jam or cleaning around the fireplace or washing all my sweaters. This year, I’m concentrating on the much more important task of getting a new roof; less hygge and more “winter is coming.” Priorities! In the meantime, there’s soup. This week, soupe au … Continue reading Tuesday Dinner: Soupe au Pistou

Tuesday Dinner: Country Captain

We’ve got another all-new soup today. Country Captain might be a funny name, but this soup is based on a dish that’s known as a “Southern classic” in South Carolina and Georgia. The original preparation is to brown chicken, then braise it in a raisin-studded, curry-spiced sauce with onions and tomatoes; it’s served over white rice to take advantage of the delicious sauce. So, I … Continue reading Tuesday Dinner: Country Captain